Learn How To
Pole Dance

The Ultimate Girls Night Out!

Party with all of your friends at this exciting event!


Las Vegas Stripper School, the perfect place for your Bachelorette Party! Or how about celebrating a birthday with your Girlfriends?

Totally Private, Totally Fun!

No GUYS and No Nudity

Just good clean, sexy fun!

No experience necessary!

Don’t Dance? Don’t Pole Dance?…Don’t worry, we’ve got your back…and front…and sides.

The less experience you have the more fun it is! Just grab a few cocktails and you’ll be G2G (Good To Go)
Our instructor is so cool. She’ll make you feel like a pro using the simplest moves! She’ll have you saying “How’d I do that!”

And when you get back and show your husband or boyfriend your new moves, he’ll be saying “How did she do that!”

Master the Pole

You’ll learn spins and floor work that will have people thinking you’re a PRO!
And again you don’t need experience,
anyone can learn these moves.
No time for shyness here,
I mean after all you are in Vegas and
“What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas”
Unless of course you upload to Snap or TikTok!

Rent A Pole

Get a Pole delivered to your Hotel Room

We will deliver and set up a Pole in your room
so you can have your own private Pole party!

Maybe a Private Dance for your Significant other?


Per Day starting at $99.00

Per Week Starting (Ask Rep)

Per Month Starting (Ask Rep)